When are Permissions or Dispensations Needed?

Permissions are needed for:

·       Mixed marriage – a Catholic wishes to marry a baptized non-Catholic

·       Canon 1071 situations

         ·       Marriages of vagrants (those who have no domicile)

         ·       Marriages which cannot be recognized or celebrated in civil law

         ·       Marriages in which a party is bound by natural obligations arising from a         

                  prior union, to some individual or children (i.e. alimony or child support 

                  are being met)

         ·       Marriages involving a party who has notoriously rejected the faith

         ·       Marriages when one or both parties are under ecclesiastical censure

         ·       Marriages involving one or two minor children when parents are unaware 

                  of the proposed marriage or offer reasonable objections to its celebration

         ·       Marriages to be celebrated by proxy

·       Marriage outside an approved place - when a Catholic deacon or priest will 

                  witness the vows of the couple, but the wedding will not take place within a

                  Catholic parish church.  THE DIOCESE OF FALL RIVER DOES NOT 

                  ALLOW OUTDOOR WEDDINGS.


Dispensations are needed for:

·       Disparity of Cult – a Catholic wishes to marry an unbaptized person

·       Impediment of Consanguinity - the marriage of first cousins

·      Impediment of Affinity – relationship with the in-law family

·       Impediment of Crime

·       Canonical Form – when a couple does not want a Catholic wedding but wants 

                  their marriage officiated by a rabbi, Protestant minister, etc. to be 

                  recognized by the Catholic Church.  This dispensation is NEVER 

                  given for two Catholics.


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