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All residents of the Diocese of Fall River are bound by its Marriage Preparation Policies.

The Tribunal in the Diocese of Fall River processes all marriage permissions and dispensations, and prenuptial files for marriages of residents of the Diocese of Fall River who will be married in another diocese.  The Bishop of Fall River has granted the Judicial Vicar the faculty to grant or deny dispensations and permissions, to grant delegation for marriage, as well as the responsibility to review pre-nuptial files.

If a couple needs a permission or dispensation to enter a marriage, talk to the priest, deacon or pastoral assistant of the parish where the preparation is taking place. 

Marriage Preparation Process

When are Permissions or Dispensations needed?

Directives for Priests, Deacons, and Pastoral Assistants:

The Preparation of Couple for Matrimony

Pre-Marital Investigations

Canonical Form and Place of Marriage

Prenuptial Files (of Weddings Taking Place outside the Diocese of Fall River)

For further information, please contact your parish priest, deacon or pastoral associate.  

Priests, deacons and pastoral associates … feel free to contact the Tribunal for further questions.